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Volume 12 Issue 4

The Boot

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Bunter the Banker speaks his mind:

Chin,chin you absolute rotters


So, over six hundred of our finest have bought us to this sorry state

But it's not only in parliament that this sorry state exists it's now hit the streets as thousands of the dim and deluded try to bring London to a halt as the Barnum and Bailey road show of climate change gathers pace.

What so many of these poor wretches don't understand is the power of marketing. If the world  was really under threat no bank is ever going to offer them a mortgage or a long-term loan . The education system would collapse, universities would no longer offer degree courses and of the course the MCC would have closed it's application lists.

Brexit and Climate Change are no more than sophisticated black-ops marketing schemes utilising the Hegalian Dialectic which in the long-term will produce vast profits for the invisible cartels promoting them and a major power shift towards a Marxist globalist government.

The naiive grunts on the ground chanting their absurd slogans and running around with cardboard on twigs are merely pawns in a game of which they have absolutely no understanding.

The world is in great shape, it's never been greener or more fertile, the scientists know it's true but unless they contradict the evidence any government funding they receive, will be stripped from them.

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Bootanglo Bootblair. 1

"It's going to be wet, wimdy, sunny and fabulous for the next 50,000 years"

Lovely Lionel Blair


I say you chaps, isn't it about time those meddlesome matrons from the ministry stopped trying to impose a guzzlers charter?

It seems every week they're coming up with dietary dictums aimed at deterring 'porkers' like myself from tucking into our favourite snacks.

Of course I'd never support eating on the underground, not that I ever use it but I know you rotters do and I'm sure it's not pleasant.

However, I do take exception to being made to feel like a criminal every time I pick up half a dozen canapes and a Krispi Kreme or two for a mid-morning snack.

How's a hard working banker supposed to work hard without a handfull of M and M's  every now and then?

Of course our MP's are given a pass on all such hectoring and look at the results...benches of bloat and flatulence signing off on what the rest of us can and can't eat.

If they can go stuff themselves, why can't we?

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