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Volume 12 Issue 2

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Over and above the recent and ridiculous caterwauling from the bovine and bigotted left, the truth is that President Trump has been the victim of the most seditious frame-up in modern political history.

As usual, completely ignored by the BBC and our bought and paid for media, the seeds of the conspiracy involve a dodgy UK spy and Mi 5, who knowingly participated in a coup to unseat a democratically elected President.

This isn't a theory but an establishment of facts accrued by real journalists providing incontrovetible proof that  at the center of the Russian collusion hoax our secret service played a pivotal role.

Those who continue to mock, smear and ridicule President Trump are truly on the wrong side of history. Not only has he had to fight off the tentacles of a voracious international confedercy arraigned against him but he's also had to endure an endless battery of edited quotes, out of context comments and a litany of lies.

All the while he's managed to engineer a  booming economy with the lowest unemployment figures  ever, huge tax cuts, wage rises from the bottom up,, increased opportunitie for women, energy independence,  environmental gains over those of the Paris aagreement and tackle the thorny subject of North Korea, take on China in a trade war and limit Iran's ambitions for a nuclear war in the middle-east

Not a bad record for a right wing, Nazi, xenophobic, mysogenist, philanderer....wouldn't you say Jeremy?


Bunter the Banker speaks his mind:




I say, you absolute rotters, beezer times are on the way if Bojo bounces us out of Europe without a deal. But first Bojo has to beat off the beastly competition comprising Conservatives of a very different stripe.


A country that works for everyone was a terrible wheeze, redolent with commie overtones. I want a country that works for me and my chums in the banking business not for lefty oiks and welfare scroungers.


So, come on you chaps back Bojo for the big one and he'll bash the bullying Jeremy when it comes to the next big ballot.


Until the next time, you absolute rotters.



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