Boot Henry V111

The Brexecutioner

They say history repeats itself maybe not in oils but in watercolours. Not since the days of the English reformation  has England been in quite such a constitutional tussle with 'Europe.'

The question now remains, does Boris really have the appetite for the axe or is he just another idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing? In the court of King Henry V111 the ball remains firmly in Boris's court.

In those days it was Henry's struggle with The Pope that would have filled the headlines. Today it's  Boris and his no deal Brexit.  Henry resolved his problems with the axe, separating the Church of England from papal authority with one bloody stroke



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Volume 12 Issue 3

The Boot

100% pure malice

boot 3

Hi dudes.

I can't tell you how bazookazoids I am at being offered the opportunity of editing an edition of my favorite e-mag The BOOT.  





Edited by:

HRH Harry


Bootharry.1 union flag union flag

I now consider The Megs got the booby prize when she was offered The British Vogue.

Yikes, should I say 'booby'?  

Maybe that's a rather controversial word in the these 'woke' times and of course as you know I'm pretty 'woke'. Well, I have to be with The Megs around, banging on about transgender issues and the joys of multi-culturalism all the time.

Sometimes though I think she does get a little carried away.







Did you see her selection of  'Game Changers' on The Vogue front cover? Who was missing from all the never heard of's, only grandmother thats who! The only woman anyone has ever heard of. It was straight to the whigging shed for me when I pointed that one out, I can tell you.





But let's not make this issue all about me and The Megs, who, I do have to say is turning out to be rather handful now she's got her feet under the table.






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