After the fabulous success of Nadia Hussein, that Bangladeshi baker with the big booty, it is thought that Channel 4 await with baited cheque book to sign up new 'Syrian' superstar Shamima Begum to star in their next series of The Great British Bake off.  Meanwhile, the BBC hope to sign her up for Strictly Come Dancing and there's even a possible guest appearence in  'Call the Midwife.'


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Volume 11 Issue 12

The Boot

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Her newly appointed agent Al-Kwazi sees a great future for the married mum of one. "Shamima has a great future ahead of her in the UK. Her struggle against education and critical thinking is going to appeal to millions of millenials, (muslim or not) the world over."

Make no mistake, like Alexander Ocasio Cortez in the States, this young fire-brand with her dead eyes, dodgy headgear and  free wheeling take on morals, men and motherhood is really going to kick ar"se in the Hate not Hope community.

This girl has something to say and  you'd be 'Kaffir' to ignore it.




It ain't no pantomime:

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