...And the truth will set you free?

Far from us to argue with the biblical teachings but in the case of Julian Assange, we think the BIble has got it wrong. For simply publishing the truth via Wikileaks, Julian Assange has been hounded into hell. We hold no particular brief for the crazy old Aussie but we do admire his come hell or high water respect for the truth. Unfortunately hell has been unleashed

No fair minded reader can view recent events except through cynical eyes.

In short Julian Assange has been arrested for lifting the lid and giving us a look inside a particularly rank can of beans in which the rich and immensely powerful ply their illegal practices and trades.

From war crimes to election rigging to extreme mafiecence in high places, Wikileaks published it all and because it was the truth no retractions were ever demanded.

Forget all the nonsense about Sweden and the so called 'rapes' which in fact were no more than a medical matters blown out of all proportion. Forget about 'the fact' that they say he attempted to hack some Pentagon password, attempted to, not succeeded and forget the fact he skipped bail by seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Who wouldn't when the hounds of extradition are snapping at your toes?

These are no more than smoke screens to justify one of the most shameful episodes in UK and USA in recent governmental history. The fact that so much of the main stream media seem to be more than willing to participate in his downfall says a lot about their collusion in the spreading of fake news.  

"WikiLeaks shamed the media because it published the truth and NOT the agreed narrative of state."    

"WikiLeaks exposed most journalist to be no more than kow-towing note-takers for their eminently more powerful globalist overlords."  




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"WikiLeaks, without editorial input or opinion, revealed the world as it is and not as those in power would have us believe it is."

Has 'stealing' and revealing the truth now become a crime?


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