Should the Church sue for reparations?

As the pressure grows, particularly in the USA, for repararions to be paid to decendants of the slave trade...a subject similarly mooted in the UK, it is thought that the Church is ready to hit back, claiming reparations for the countless poor missionarries who were captured by native tribes and then boiled in a pot before being served up for dinner.

Of course these days no one supports slavery and no one supports canibalism either but it must be said that canibalism was  practiced well before slavery by many native races who inflicted it upon missionarries who came just bearing bibles.  

It would seem only fare then that if reparationns for slavery are to be paid, then reparations for canninbalism should be equally so..

Maybe it's something any activists should consider before waving their empty wallets and demanding free money from the government because, as The Church, maybe about to prove, reparations can work both ways.

Although less vocal, distant relatives of these brave men, still feel their lives have been held back by such inhuman treatment.  Many still find difficulty in getting a job and many more have resorted to drink, drugs and a gangster lifestyle to cope with the indignities  that were heaped upon on their forebears

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