What on earth is wromg with Norman Foster? Has there ever been an architect so obsessed with his sexuality that every building he designs seems to be modelled not only his penis but  his testicles as well.

This would of course be funny if it wasn't so ugly and so damaging to an already damaged  skyline. London was once a city to behold with some of the finest architecture in the world; it spoke of a cultural and civilised society

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Not content it would seem with erecting his penis in Aldgate and dumping his testicles on  the banks of the Thames, he now seems intent on combining all the elements in his latest creation, London's tallest 'skyscraper' The Tulip.  

Despite its attractive name this frighful combination of glass and concrete is just another recreation of his private parts. It's  another sweeping coloumn with a bulbous tip, underneath which two bulging extrusions peer out over London.

Nowadays, sadly such aspirations have been lost. When history looks back on the second Elizabethans and how we lived, there will be very little in terms of architecture that will not evince a risable smile especially if any  Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian masterpieces are still standing.

Flat-pack housing, brutalised boulevards and Norman Foster's penis  do not for an elegant heritage make.

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"Yikes! Put a condom on it!"

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