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You don't have to like Tommy Robinson or agree with any of his fulminations. Indeed it could be said he offers a pretty impoverished menu. However, the sanctimonious attacks  on him by those who govern not only our political diet but our actual diet as well, are all aimed, yet again, at the spit and saw dust of his and his supporters cultural heritage.

Increasingly, it would seem, that what was once considered pertinent to the working man, like fry-ups, beer, cigarettes, greasy spoons, wolf whisling and  off colour jokes are now considered either dangerous, unacceptable or offensive. All adjectives which indeed might be ascribed to Tommy Robinson and are all used by those who have little or no understanding of what life is like on the conveyor belt of mediocre wages and hard graft.

It would seem, week after week, everything that used to sustain the lowly foot soldiers of our economic well-being are being snatched away, either by price or threat of cancer causing agents .

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God save us should consciption be ever be introduced  again to save this country from some existential threat. So betrayed have been those our government regularly call upon to give all for Queen and country that it would be no surprise if they reversed the famous Churchillian V sign and marched on by.  

This insidious attack on all things 'working man,' will have serious consequences for all of us and not just those those who seek to pervert our bedrock way of life in order to fit us into into a global matrix where dissension and discussion, hower unpalatable to some, will go the way of 'greasys spoons', pubs, beer, cigarettes,  burgers, bacon, eggs and all those other things deemed dangerous for our health.


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Volume 12 Issue 3

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