It's your old friend Gaylord here and do I have some bad new for you? Another leaf has fallen off the celelbritree, my very dear  friend and protege, the legend that was The Dr John, epic pianist and poet of vodoo rock.

The guy was almost mystical in his mastery of the keyboard in which I played my part in teaching him.

I remember being in New Orleans, chillaxing over iced mint julep or two with The Mick and The Freddie, when I heard this kid playing some blistering piano, there was only one thing missing I seem to remember, black notes.


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Volume 12 Issue 2

The Boot

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"Kid", I shouted, "hit the black ones."

Dudes, that made all the difference.

I, of course got arrested (temporarily) for inciting racial hatred but it was worth it, The John was on his way. Come to think of it was that The Elton or The Doctor? I always get those two muddled and was it in New Orleans? Man, so many memories, so much muddle. Did I even know The Doctor? I can't remember now.

Anyway RIP dude.



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Move over Bay City Rollers, The Osmonds, Take That and One Direction there are some new kids on the block.

7, K-pop kuties raising the temperature wherever they go.

BTS are the biggest boy band in the world, except in the UK apparently where old boy bands still hold sway courtesy of Simon Cowel and the Irish fellow with Westlife.

These wiry wraiths wrapped in tight ripped denim jeans or body hugging tailored suits are fit to set the pulses racing with their nubile dancing and dazzling smiles.

I was lucky enough to meet the guys and I was blown away by their youthful enthusiasm for the older generation, they knew songs dating back to Ed Sheeran and Beyonce and a couple of the guys knew some of the words but as they're Korean most of them came out in the wrong cool.

I told them of my time with the Beatles and how I'd taught George to play the guitar, helped style Jimi Hendrix's hair and how I'd introduced Bill Wyman to Mandy Smith. Sadly all the references were lost on them and while they might have looked bored I'm sure they were secretly fascinated by my all my fabulous musical memories.

If this is K-Pop it's 00K pop by me.

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Bye bye boys, there's a new band in town

The Cum Slutz shaping up for Summer tour.

Bros enjoy fab new image makeover

KP's greatest hits double album due out shortly ?