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Volume 12 Issue 3

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Gaylord Myspike

Hi  dudes and dudettes

It's been a hard rocking Summer for yours truly, I can tell you - and it's not over yet. From Trans-Fest to In-Fest I'm almost festivaled out but there's still Fester-Fest to come which I'm really looking forward to. Hoping to hook up with a few buddies from  the Four Pennies and maybe a Dreamer or two. Of course there's always the chance I'll bump into a Richards or a Jagger and we'll have the chance to reminisce over an ice cold lettuce latte with a vodka twist. The stories I'd have to tell the time I offered little Marianne a Mars Bar or introduced an even littler Mandy to Bill. Those were the days guys or when I had to help Charlie out on that tricky drum riff on Brown Sugar. Yeah, that one.

Okay guys, gotta fly, can't let the rock roll on without me. Take care 'til the next time and peace out.


It was 50 years ago today....

...when four Rock Gods stepped out onto the humble zebra crossing in Abbey Road and turned  it into a symbol of worldwide peace. Who would have thought that this humble zebra crossing would also later feature in a worldwide smash by Mac and Jack, in which it's black and white lines would be converted  into the black and white keys on Macca's piano?


Not the actual crossing

I hope the designer of this iconic piece of road furniture was suitably rewarded.  

Incidentally,  I remember walking the very same crossing with The Macca and The Lennon, just the day before it was photographed. We'd been going to the EMI studios, I had some business there with The Martin and the boys were off to record. We'd been chatting about songs and things. Lennon had already written about Penny Lane, so I suggested Macca should write something about Abbey Road.

At this suggestion I recall, he stopped, flicked at his iconic mop-top and mentioned what a great album title that would make. So I suppose you could say I also played my small part in the history of such a world famous crossing

Jimmy, the bio-pic on BBC rosta?


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Gaylord's hot tip

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The Astley in shock new look

Men on the Rocks - in 3 album deal.

The Teenioritas to wow Worthing

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